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Corns and Callus

At Foot Foundation, we understand the discomfort and irritation caused by corns and calluses. Corns are small, circular areas of thickened skin that usually develop on the toes, while calluses are larger areas of hardened skin that commonly form on the soles of the feet.

Understanding Corns and Calluses

These conditions develop due to repeated friction or pressure on the skin. Corns and calluses can cause pain, tenderness, or difficulty walking, especially when inflamed or cracked. Cracked heels result from dryness and thickening of the skin, often exacerbated by factors like prolonged standing, ill-fitting footwear, or dry weather conditions.

Treatment Options

At Foot Foundation, we offer a range of effective treatments tailored to address corns, calluses, and cracked heels:

  1. Debridement: Our podiatrists gently remove the thickened skin using specialized tools, reducing discomfort and preventing further complications.

  2. Orthotic Solutions: Customized orthotic inserts or shoe modifications provide support and alleviate pressure, reducing the formation of corns, calluses, and further cracks.

  3. Emollients and Moisturizing: Regular use of appropriate emollients helps soften and hydrate the skin, preventing further dryness and cracking. Emollients provide essential moisture and maintain the skin's natural barrier function.

  4. Proper Footwear and Hygiene: Ensuring proper footwear and maintaining good foot hygiene can significantly prevent the build-up of thickened skin and dryness.

Preventative Measures

We emphasize the importance of preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of corns, calluses, and cracked heels. Proper footwear, maintaining foot hygiene, and regular use of appropriate emollients can prevent the build-up of thickened skin and dryness.

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