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Other Nail Disorders

At Foot Foundation, we recognize the significance of nail health in overall foot wellness. Various nail pathologies can affect the appearance, structure, and health of the nails, potentially leading to discomfort and affecting daily life.

Understanding Nail Pathologies

Nail pathologies encompass a range of conditions affecting the nails, including:

  1. Onycholysis: Separation of the nail plate from the nail bed, often due to trauma, psoriasis, or fungal infections.

  2. Onychogryphosis: Thickening and abnormal curvature of the nail, resembling a claw, commonly associated with neglect, trauma, or conditions like psoriasis.

  3. Beau's Lines: Transverse depressions or ridges across the nails, usually caused by severe stress or illness that temporarily interrupts nail growth.

  4. Nail Pitting: Presence of small pits or depressions on the nail surface, often associated with psoriasis, alopecia areata, or eczema.

  5. Leukonychia: White discoloration of the nails, which can occur due to injury, infection, or systemic conditions.

  6. Koilonychia: Abnormal spoon-shaped nails that curve inward, often associated with iron deficiency anemia or trauma.

  7. Paronychia: Inflammation or infection around the nail folds, causing redness, swelling, and discomfort, often due to bacterial or fungal infections.

  8. Nail Psoriasis: Changes in nail appearance, including pitting, discoloration, thickening, or separation from the nail bed, commonly associated with psoriasis.

  9. Nail Trauma: Injuries to the nails resulting from accidents, repetitive stress, or physical trauma, leading to deformities, discoloration, or detachment.

  10. Nail Lichen Planus: A skin condition affecting the nails, causing ridges, grooves, thinning, or nail loss.

Specialised Nail Pathology Care

At Foot Foundation, we offer specialized care to address various nail pathologies, including:

  1. Accurate Diagnosis: Thorough assessments to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of nail concerns.

  2. Customized Treatment Plans: Tailored plans that may include topical or oral medications, debridement, orthotic solutions, or surgical interventions.

  3. Nail Restoration Techniques: Innovative treatments to restore nail appearance and health.

  4. Preventative Strategies: Guidance on preventive measures to maintain healthy nails and prevent future pathologies.

Preventative Measures

We emphasize the importance of nail care and preventive strategies:

  • Proper nail trimming techniques to prevent ingrown nails.

  • Avoiding trauma or injury to the nails.

  • Maintaining good foot hygiene and wearing appropriate footwear.

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